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Frequently Asked Questions

Find what you need in our searchable FAQ.

How can I find library resources? 


The library’s resources are all discoverable through our online catalog, USearch. This includes almost all physical and online resources. To learn more about how to utilize Usearch to the fullest, please review the Using USearch Library Guide

Dissertations from 2009 and earlier are kept in hardcopy in the Library. Dissertations from after that date are online and can be accessed following the instructions on the research support guide. 

The Archives and Special Collections are available for use by appointment. You can visit from 9 am to 3 pm any weekday. For more information, visit our Information for Visitors page

The library also has a variety of technology available for check out. This includes laptops, converters, chargers, and more. Most of these can be found by searching the library’s catalog. For a list of available items, check out our Additional Items guide.